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Isbn 10: 1642757004

Isbn 13: 978-1642757002

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MURDER MYSTERYWhile locked in jail, Kayo’s father mentioned a mysterious figure known only as “A,” leaving her plagued by questions. Was her little sister killed by a wand from Magical Girl SITE? And just who is A―and what role do they have to play in this depraved new world she’s found herself in?

Autor :Kentaro Sato
Isbn 10 :1642757004
Isbn 13 :978-1642757002
Número de páginas :180 páginas
Publisher :Seven Seas
Postado por :17 de setembro de 2019
Peso :195 g
Dimensões e tamanhos :13,5 x 1,9 x 18,6 cm
Idioma Magical Girl Site Vol. 10:Inglês