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Isbn 10: 1454933291

Isbn 13: 978-1454933298

Dusti Bowling Momentous Events in the Life of a Cactus (Volume 2) lit


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“High School. Two words that struck fear into the heart of every armless middle schooler I knew. Which was me. And like two people online.”  The sequel to the critically acclaimed Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus follows Aven Green as she confronts yet another challenge: high school.“Those preparing to ‘slay the sucktastic beast known as high school’ will particularly appreciate this spirited read.” —Kirkus (Starred review)   Just as Aven starts to feel comfortable in Stagecoach Pass, with her friends and schoolmates accustomed to her lack of “armage,” everything changes once again. She’s about to begin high school . . . with 3,000 new kids to stare at her. And no matter how much Aven tries to play it cool, nothing prepares her for the reality. In a year filled with confusion, humiliation, and just maybe love, can Aven manage to stay true to herself?

Autor :Dusti Bowling
Isbn 10 :1454933291
Isbn 13 :978-1454933298
Número de páginas :320 páginas
Publisher :Sterling Children's Books
Postado por :17 de setembro de 2019
Peso :454 g
Dimensões e tamanhos :13,5 x 2,8 x 19,6 cm
Idioma Momentous Events in the Life of a Cactus (Volume 2):Inglês