The Year of the Dogs

From a labrador that likes opera to a tooting bulldog, Vincent Musi chronicled the character and personality of everyday dogs and compiled them into one gorgeous and captivating book.Discover the stunning collection of photographs that shows the majesty, playfulness, and joy that is man's best friend: As a National Geographic photographer, taking pictures of lions, tigers, and bears was a regular day's work for Vincent Musi, but in 2017 he gave himself a new challenge: dogs. Using the same lighting and photographic techniques he uses for his National Geographic photography, Musi spent a year shooting portraits of dogs and compiling them into a book complete with all of the tail wags, wet noses, and dogs of all shapes and sizes.• Features over 100 dogs in a series of exquisite photos with close-ups, profiles, and full body shots along with a narrative about each dog• Presented in an elegant package that properly showcase the vitality of Musi's photos• Vincent J. Musi is a popular speaker, National Geographic photographer, and owner of the Unleashed Studio. He resides in South CarolinaWith delightful and informative bios displayed next to each portrait, The Year of the Dogs will have you entertained and doggedly coming back for more.Makes an excellent coffee table book for casual browsing and to inspire happy conversations about dogs. The Year of the Dogs will be the go-to gift book for dog lovers of all ages.

Autor:Vincent J. Musi
Isbn 10:1452181926
Isbn 13:978-1452181929
Número de páginas:300 páginas
Publisher:Chronicle Books
Postado por:17 de setembro de 2019
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Dimensões e tamanhos:20,4 x 3,4 x 25,7 cm
Idioma The Year of the Dogs:Inglês